Alambika Bay Laurel Wild Organic


Botanical name : Laurus nobilis

Quality : 100% natural essential oil

Cultivation : wild growth, controlled organic

Suitability as : food

Fragrance note : head-heart

Plant part : leaves

Origin : Bosnia-Herzegovina

INCI: 1,8-cineole, linalool, terpenyl acetate, sabinene, alpha-beta-pinene





Laurel oil can have a calming, grounding, and uplifting effect on the mind. There can be harmony, self-confidence, resilience, self-control, patience and concentration in order to be able to let go when you are mentally exhausted. Grounding, calming meditation atmosphere: Put 1-2 drops of bay oil in your diffuser.

About the plant

The bay tree reaches a size of up to 6 meters, in exceptional cases even 15 meters and lets its white flowers bloom in March and April. Bay trees belong to the laurel family and have leathery leaves that are lance-like in shape. Both in ancient Greece and ancient Rome, poets, artists and victors of fights were crowned with a laurel wreath, a tradition that lasted into the Middle Ages. The proverb reaping laurels comes from this time and still means claiming fame and victory today and this can actually be transferred to the plant, because it is known to develop the necessary courage in oneself.

Item number: 1990

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