Alambika Bay Laurel Organic Floral Water

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Botanical name : Laurus nobilis

Quality : 100% pure hydrosol

Cultivation : controlled organic

Product information : No alcohol or preservatives added

Plant part : leaves

Origin : France

Most important ingredients : (INCI) Laurel hydrolate


Laurel hydrolate is often used to make mouthwashes yourself. Some people use the laurel hydrolate to intensify their dreams or to get answers to certain questions in their dreams. It is supposed to solve fears and arouse courage and trust. Use: for more intense dreams or to find the answers in you, you can sprinkle a few sprays of the laurel hydrolate on your pillow.

About the plant

The bay tree reaches a size of up to 6 meters, in exceptional cases even 15 meters, and its white flowers bloom in March and April. Bay trees belong to the laurel family and have leathery leaves that have a lance-like shape. Both in ancient Greece and ancient Rome, poets, artists and victors of fights were crowned with a laurel wreath, a tradition that lasted into the Middle Ages. The saying "harvest laurels" comes from this time and still means today to claim fame and victory and in fact this can also be transferred to the plant, because it is known to develop the necessary courage in oneself.

* Please note that our plant water in 500 and 1000ml is currently unfortunately delivered in plastic bottles and without a spray top. These sizes are intended for wholesalers, but we are working flat out to be able to deliver these sizes in glass bottles as quickly as possible.

Item number : 5273

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