Alambika Chamomile German Wild Organic Floral Water


500ml best before 9/2022

學名 : Chamomilla matricaria
原料產地 : 法國
栽種方式 : 野生有機





德甘純露的抗菌清潔效果不錯,可以濕敷或沖洗方式來處理黴菌感染,、敏感性發炎或問題肌膚。 可以德甘花水噴灑患處, 幫助清除腳汗氣味; 處理私人部位黴菌感染(沖洗用)。


5226 100ml in glass with spray top, 200ml, 500ml, 1000ml in PET bottle

Botanical name: Chamomilla matricaria

Quality: 100% pure hydrosol

Cultivation: wild, controlled organic

Product information: Without the addition of alcohol or preservatives

Plant part: flowers

Origin: France

Most important components: (INCI) chamomile hydrolate (blue)


The chamomile plant water is a real all-rounder. Like all plant waters, it can be applied undiluted to the skin and used as a tonic. But the hydrosol is also suitable as a hair tonic for scalp prone to dandruff.

Body spray or tonic: Simply spray the desired body parts or gently put the hydrolate on a cotton pad and dab it on the desired skin areas.

Tip:  You can also spray hydrosols on your laundry after washing to give it a light, pleasant scent. 

About the plant

Chamomile is one of the most famous plants in European folk medicine. The small flowers with white leaves and a yellow interior can be recognized by their sweet, herbaceous scent. The main chemical components of the daisy family are sesquiterpenes. Plants with sesquiterpenes are often used in cosmetics because they are very skin-friendly. They can improve complexion and support regeneration. The azulene, which is created during the distillation of the flowers and gives the oil its deep blue color, has proven to be particularly helpful with impurities.

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