Alambika Cedarwood Atlas Wild Organic Floral Water


100% 無添加純露
植物學名 : Cedrus atlantica
種植方式 : 有機
蒸餾部份 : 木
植物原產地 : 法國







5235-100ml, 200ml, 1000ml

Botanical name: Cedrus atlantica

Quality: 100% pure hydrosol from distillation

Cultivation: wild controlled organic cultivation

Without the addition of alcohol or preservatives

Suitability as: flavor extract in food

Plant part: wood

Origin: France

Most important ingredients: cedar hydrolate (atlas cedar hydrolate)


This cedar water can be used as a facial tonic for oily and blemished skin. It can also help in hair care to reduce the sebum production of oily hair and soothe the scalp. Nourishing toner for oily, blemished skin: Put a few sprays of Hydrolat directly on your facial skin or dab it on with a cotton pad. Conditioner or leave-in care for smooth, healthy hair: give a few sprays of hydrosol into washed hair, massage it into the scalp and rinse it off after a short exposure time. You can use it as a balancing, soothing leave-in care product on your hair and scalp after washing.

About the plant

The cedar belongs to the pine family. The majestic-looking conifer, protruding up to 40 meters, has such a high proportion of essential oils that it is naturally protected from parasites and bacteria. Cedar is said to live up to 300 years old and to keep away evil spirits and negative energies. In the Bible, the cedar was associated with strength, size, dignity and courage. The sesquiterpenes they contain are known for their pain-relieving, wound-healing properties. If there is a lack of motivation, the cedar should awaken spirits.


Cedrus atlantica Bark Water 

More information

Protect from heat and sunlight. This hydrosol is natural. Any flaking does not affect the quality. To ensure optimal shelf life, please store the product at approx. 10 ° C.

Allergens: Limonene

Item number: 5235

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