Alambika Ginger Organic Essential Oil


1615 5ml, 10ml, 30ml

Botanical name: Zingiber officinalis

Quality: 100% pure essential oil

Cultivation: controlled organic

Suitability as: Food

Fragrance note: Head-heart

Plant part: Rhizome

Origin: India

Product reference: Main chemotypes: (INCI) alpha-Zingiberene, ar-Curcumene, beta -Sesquiphellandrene, Bisabolene

Use: Ginger has a strong straightening effect, drives us and energizes us. It activates our mind, lets us breathe deeply when we are mentally exhausted and overwhelmed. It strengthens our decision-making power and our self-confidence, gives us resilience, courage and joy of life. At the same time he gives us back our strength, passion and fire. Strengthening stomach massage: Put 2-3 drops of ginger on 30 ml of almond oil and rub the oil in with both hands using gentle circular movements.

Ginger is one of the first oriental spices that came to Europe. He comes from Southeast Asia. The herbaceous plant reaches stature heights of 50 to over 150 centimeters. The main subterranean shoot of ginger, the ginger rhizome, is used as a kitchen spice or medicinal drug. Naturopaths treat travel sickness and colds with ginger. Its scent is described as heavy, herbaceous, spicy and woody

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