Alambika Ginger Organic Floral Water

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5268 200ml in PET bottle.

Botanical name : Zingiber officinale

Quality : 100% pure hydrosol

Cultivation : controlled organic

Product information : Without addition of alcohol or preservatives

Part of the plant : rhizome

Origin : Madagascar

Most important ingredients : (INCI) ginger hydrolate


If you are tired, stressed or excited, spray some ginger hydrolate on the face and wrists, add 2ml ginger hydrolate to the bath water and massage the solar plexus with essential ginger oil.

About the plant

Ginger is one of the first oriental spices that came to Europe. He comes from Southeast Asia. The herbaceous plant reaches stature heights of 50 to over 150 centimeters. The main subterranean sprout of ginger, the ginger rhizome, is used as a kitchen spice or medicinal drug. Naturopaths treat travel sickness and colds with ginger. Its scent is described as heavy, herbaceous, spicy and woody.

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