Alambika Jasmine Indian Absolute

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Volume: 3ml

Botanical name: Jasminum grandiflorum

Quality: 100% natural essential oil

Cultivation: obtained by extraction

Suitability as: consumer goods

Fragrance profile: Fragrance 

note : heart

Plant part: flowers

Origin: India

Product reference: main

Chemotypes: (INCI) Benzyl acetate, Benzyl benzoate, Linalool, cis-Jasmone, Indole, Isophytol, Phytyl acetate






Jasmine, the "Queen of the Night" has something infinitely gentle, calming and liberating. The essential oil of the plant is one of the essential "rescue oils" and can be extremely helpful in sudden shock. It is not surprising that its scent is valued in so many perfumes. Jasmine calms the nerves, relaxes the mind and relieves mental tension and fear. Jasmine has a mood-lifting, stress-relieving effect and relieves tension. It helps us to recognize and let go of ingrained behaviors and thought patterns. Jasmin gives us inspiration, self-confidence and euphoria for new paths. In relationships, too, it can help to promote trust and devotion to our partner (and ourselves). It has an aphrodisiac effect and helps to release blockages and let us fall.

For a sensual, uplifting atmosphere:  Put 1-2 drops in yours 

About the plant

Jasmine is a climbing wood or shrub from the olive family. The plant originally comes from the Himalayas and China, but is now cultivated in many tropical and subtropical countries around the world. Its star-shaped, white flowers have an intense bewitching floral scent that conveys sensuality, eroticism and femininity. In China and the Orient, the aromas of jasmine have been used for thousands of years to flavor tea and to make perfumes. 1000 kg of jasmine flowers are required for 1 kg of absolute obtained by hexane extraction. The main ingredients of jasmine are various esters, which play a major role in aromatherapy, as their properties are described as being skin-friendly as well as mentally and physically relaxing. Jasmine is considered to lift the mood,

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