Alambika Ravintsara Wild Organic Essential Oil


Botanical name : Cinnamomum camphora cineoliferum

Quality : 100% natural essential oil

Cultivation : wild growth, controlled organic

Suitability as : consumer goods

Fragrance note : head

Plant part : leaves

Origin : Madagascar

Main chemotypes : (INCI) 1,8-cineol, sabinene, alpha-beta-pinene, alpha-terpineol, terpinene-4-ol


Ravintsara oil can help clear painful emotions at the heart level and let go of traumatic experiences that may block the free flow of our energy. It supports us in relieving tension and conveys positive feelings of hope and joy. Ravintsara can help you get a peaceful, restful sleep in times of stress-related restlessness. At the same time, ravintara oil has an activating effect after a sleepless night and gives us strength to get going.

Bath recipe: For a calming, liberating evening bath, you can mix 5-10 drops with a cup of cream or your favorite carrier oil and add the mixture to your bath water.

About the plant

Ravintsara is known in traditional medicine in Madagascar as "the beautiful leaf" and there it covers a wide range of needs. The balsamic scent emanating from the leaves is reminiscent of the fresh aroma of eucalyptus. However, the aroma of Ravintsara is not overly intrusive, but leaves a slightly sweet and warm impression. The chemo types contained in it (Borneone, Linalool, Safrole etc.) are primarily known for their antiviral effects.

Item number:  2521

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