Alambika Rhododendron Wild Organic Essential Oil


Botanical name : Rhododendron anthopogon

Quality : 100% natural essential oil

Cultivation : wild growth, controlled organic

Suitability as : consumer goods

Fragrance note : heart base

Plant part : leaves

Origin : Nepal

Main chemotypes : (INCI) alpha-beta pinene, limonene, delta-cadinene, cis-beta-ocimene

About the plant

The rhododendron is also known as the alpine rose and belongs to the heather family. There are over 1,000 species, from the subarctic 15 centimeter high dwarf shrub to the 20 meter high tree. The main occurrence is in Asia, but the evergreen plant is also native to the highlands of North America. It grows there in mountain regions that are characterized by heat and cold, such as the Himalayas. 

The Nepalese attribute cleansing and protective powers to the rhododendron. In aromatherapy they are often used to stimulate the mind and soul. The high content of monoterpenes also makes them helpful in times of cold and flu.

Item number:  2536

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