Alambika Tea tree (Rosalina, Linalool) Wild Essential Oil


100% 無添加精油
植物學名 : Melaleuca ericifolia
種植方式 : 野生
蒸餾部份 : 葉片
植物原產地 : 澳洲




Botanical name : Melaleuca ericifolia

Quality : 100% natural essential oil

Cultivation : wild growth

Suitability as : food

Fragrance note : heart

Plant part : leaves

Origin : Australia

Main chemotypes : (INCI) linalool, 1,8-cineole, alpha-pinene, paracymene

Anti-infectious - Soothing - Innocent

Rosalina (Tea Tree linalol) Melaleuca ericifolia (also known as Rosalina, Swamp Paperbark, Lavender Tea Tree)

Rosalina is a member of the Tea Tree family, and it has many of the Tea Tree virtues, but clothed in an unsurpassed sweetness and gentleness. Together with its sweeter aroma, this makes it useful for children. It is antiviral, anti-fungal, and a good support for the respiratory system. It soothes restlessness and dissolves conflict.

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