Alambika Tea Tree Wild Organic Flora Water

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100% 無添加純露

植物學名 : Melaleuca alternifolia
種植方式 : 野生、有機
薰餾部份 : 葉片
植物原產地 : 澳洲



5277 100ml glass with spraytop, 200ml, 500ml PET bottle

Botanical name : Melaleuca alternifolia

Quality : 100% pure hydrosol

Cultivation : wild, controlled organic

Product information : Without addition of alcohol or preservatives

Plant part : leaves

Origin : Australia

Most important ingredients : (INCI) Tea Tree Hydrolat


Tea tree water is a tangy, tangy plant water that can be used as a body spray for impurities or undesirable impurities in the body. It is also great for mixing yourself as a mouthwash. Body spray for impurities: Apply the tea tree hydrosol directly to the affected area, one or two sprays are usually enough. Fragrant hair: After shampooing, simply give 3-4 sprays into wet hair. How to use hydrosols

About the plant

Tea tree belongs to the myrtle family. The dry tree grows in the swampy regions of Australia. The narrow-leaved, light green and soft leaves of this low-growing tree from the wetlands of Eastern Australia have always been part of the folk medicine of the Aborigines. The bark is paper-like and the essential oil resides in the glandular branches of the leaves. The flowers are small and yellowish. The tree became famous for its essential oil that is used by people all over the world to treat impurities.

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