Alteya Organics Rose Otto Bundle Set

(1) 1.7 fl oz Rose Otto Day Moisturizer
(1) 1.7 fl oz Rose Otto Night Moisturizer
(1) 0.5 fl oz Rose Otto Eye Cream
Smooths and Conditions Skin


Experience more youth-looking, growing skin with this powerful certified organic trio. Enriched with an artful infusion of pure, youth-saving Rose Otto and potent bio-actives, this simple regimen helps even skin tone, boosts radiance and promotes skin elasticity. Reveal smoother and softer skin that gleams with beauty.

ROSE OTTO DAY MOISTURIZER 1.69 oz – helps protect skin from dehydration, making it smoother, firmer and full of radiance. Rich in minerals and vitamins, the nourishing formula supports skin’s moisture balance and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, age spots and uneven tone.

ROSE OTTO NIGHT MOISTURIZER 1.69 oz – Each night, skin goes in repair mode. That is way the product helps reinforce skin’s natural moisture barrier and promotes smoothing action on the appearance of lines and wrinkles to reveal more toned, refined and youth-looking appearance in the morning.

ROSE OTTO AGELESS EYE CREAM .50 oz – an intensive eye contour treatment that delivers optimal nourishment and helps protect the delicate under-eye area from dehydration, promoting more youthful and radiant look.


This powerful certified organic trio contains potent active ingredients, derived from nature, to deliver skin transformation for more youthful-looking skin.

Rosa Damascena Otto
– Rich in a complex array of minerals and vitamins, it helps tone skin, ensuring more youthful appearance.
– It has a positive effect on surface capillaries to help even skin tone and boost radiance.

Glasswort Extract
– Deeply hydrates skin and helps offset some of the damaging effects of harsh environment
– It minimizes the appearance of first signs of aging

White Truffle Extract
– Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and eye bags
– The rare phytocomplex supports more balanced, younger-looking skin

Calendula Extract
– Helps calm skin down and reduces the appearance of damage, dehydration and aging
– Essential antioxidants support skin against environmental aggressors

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