Kobashi Ho Wood Essential Oil

KOBASHI HO WOOD-LEAF OIL 100% Pure (linalool type)

LATIN NAME: Cinnamomum camphora.
SOURCE: Steamed distilled rectified from the leaves and wood.
COLOUR: Clear.
ORIGIN: Taiwan
AROMA: Pleasant light and floral slight woody hints.

QUALITIES: Relaxing and deodorizing. Add to massage oil to help combat tired muscles- especially after vigorous exercise. Extensively used in the perfume industry in place of Rosewood for its aroma. Chemically similar to the oil produced from young rosewood trees. We do not stock Rosewood as we consider the production of this oil to be not sustainable due to the destruction of the rain forests.

A member of the Myrtaceae family, it is a tall tree growing up to ten metres in as many years. When grown in a plantation the trees are coppiced, and harvested twice yearly. The main chemical component is linalool, which has been found to have a relaxing effect, and inhalation of linalool vapors was found to have a sedating effect on animals.

Main Chemical is LINALOOL @ ~ 98.95%

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