Kobashi Lime Distilled Essential Oil

KOBASHI LIME OIL 100% Pure (Distilled).

LATIN NAME: Citrus aurantifolia.
SOURCE: Steam distilled whole ripe fruit.
COLOUR: Clear, pale yellow.
ORIGIN: Calabria
AROMA: Fresh, sweet, zesty characteristic of fresh fruit.

CAS number:8008-26-2
EC number:290-010-3

QUALITIES: Excellent tonic and antiseptic. Uplifting and rejuvenating an ideal tonic for the system. Shares many qualities with Lemon. Ideal when blended with eucalyptus or tea tree.

A member of the Rutaceae family, an evergreen tree up to four and a half metres high, with oval leaves and thorns. It has white fragrant flowers followed by green fruit. A native to Asia. Distilled lime is not photo-toxic.

Lime distilled Value Result
Appearance to normal temperature liquid Conforming
Colours Colourless Conforming
Odors Characteristic Conforming
Gravity specifies (20°C) 0,8610 0,8550 * 0,8630
Refraction index (20°C) 14,765 1,4740 * 1,4770
Optic rotation +35,90° +34,00° * +47,00°
Solubility on the alcohol ETOH >90° Conforming
Solubility on the water No Conforming
Bergapten No Conforming
Profile GC % Standard %
Limonene 51.9 Conforming
Beta Pinene 2.28 Conforming
Gamma-Terpinene 13.7 Conforming
Alpha Pinene 1.45 Conforming
Alpha Terpineol 7.1 Conforming
beta caryophyllene 0.66 Conforming
P-cymene 1.18 Conforming
Myrcene 1.15 Conforming
Alpha Terpinene 4.27 Conforming
Terpinolene 9 Conforming

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