Kobashi Rose (Turkey) Absolute


LATIN NAME: Rosa damascena
SOURCE: Flowers: solvent extraction
Solvents are vacuum extracted leaving only the essential oil in the final product and reused.
COLOUR: dark pink red in clear bottle, but yellow-orange-brown on white tissue
ORIGIN: Bulgaria
AROMA: sweet, exotic, deeply floral and heady with a creamy note

QUALITIES: Known as the queen of oils because of its affinity to the female system. Widely used in skin care, especially for dry, sensitive types. Soothes anger and grief. Renowned for its sensual properties. The aroma of the oil is powerful and characteristic of fresh roses, the flavour is strong, sweet, and somewhat honey-like.

Harvesting commences at 5.30 am and is completed by 9.30 am. Each bloom is hand picked and an experienced harvester can pick 10 to 12 kilos of blooms in the morning. Processing by solvent extraction commences immediately. Solvent is vacuum extracted from the final product.

It takes approximately 700kg to 900kg of Rosa damascena to yield 1 kg of Rose absolute.

A member of the Rosaceae family it is a small prickly shrub up to two metres high, with perfumed pink flowers. Native to the Orient but widely cultivated in Bulgaria, Turkey and France. A hydrolat of rose is available, this is the water used during the distillation of the Otto.

Cas No 90106-38-0
Einecs 290-260-3
Fema 2988

Citronellol 10.10%
Geraniol 6.72%
Nerol 3.48%
Phenylethyl alcohol 58.96%
Methyl eugenol 0.62%
Eugenol 1.86%
Ethanol 1.76%

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