Kobashi 金縷梅純露 Witch Hazel Floral Water with 14-15% natural alcohol

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LATIN NAME :Hamamelis virginiana (LINN.)
SOURCE: extraction from the fresh leaves and young twigs: alcohol 14%
COLOUR:clear to slight yellow tint
AROMA: medicinal, penetrating, sweet, fresh and clean

QUALITIES: The properties of the leaves and bark are similar, astringent, tonic, sedative, valuable in skin care first aid remedies.

Natural Witch hazel extract is an astringent. To use wet a cotton ball or pad and wipe skin.

The Witch-hazel does not come with a spray top. It has never had one, as it is poured into hand to use. Witchhazel is an astringent wipe off product; used for cleaning problem oily skin. In our opinion it is not for spraying and leaving on the skin.

Used medicinally by the North American Indians as poultices for bruises and inflammatory swellings. It was adopted by the early settlers and was listed in the U.S Pharmacopoeia (1862 - 1916) and the National Formulary (1916 -1955) Traditionally used to stem bleeding. Soothing on insect bites and stings.

DESCRIPTION; Family: N.O. Hamamelidaceae A clear, colourless distillate prepared from recently cut and partially dried dormant twigs of Hammamelis virginiana L.

Native to The Eastern United States and Canada.
The name Hamamelis was adopted from a Greek word to indicate its resemblance to an apple-tree. This shrub, long known in cultivation, consists of several crooked branching trunks from one root, 4 to 6 inches in diameter, 10 to 12 feet in height, with a smooth grey bark, leaves 3 to 5 inches long and about 3 inches wide with raised spots underneath, pinnately veined and having stellate hairs.

The leaves drop off in autumn, then the yellow flowers appear, very late in September and in October, in clusters from the joints, followed by black nuts, containing white seeds which are oily and edible.

In Britain, the nut does not bear seeds, but in America, they are produced abundantly, but often do not ripen till the following summer. The seeds are ejected violently when ripe, hence the name Snapping Hazelnut. The leaves are inodorous, with an astringent and bitterish aromatic taste.

The twigs are flexible and rough, colour externally, yellowish-brown to purple, wood greeny white; taste and aroma slight.

CONSTITUENTS: Of the leaves (official in the United States Pharmacopoeia), tannic and gallic acids, an unknown bitter principle and some volatile oil.


Other Hydrolats

Other floral waters available; Chamomile Blue, Chamomile Roman , Lavender, Frankincense, Juniperberry, Peppermint, Rose otto Neroli and Witchhazel Hydrolats. Please note our products are natural and are filtered, but there is sometimes plant material in the final product.

Other Hydrolats can be used to refresh your face, as a room fragrance, excellent in steam irons for refreshing clothes and scenting linen. Plants love to be sprayed with Hydrolats.

We recommend misting your face with hydrolats other than Witch hazel before applying our moisturising cream.

Witch Hazel may need to be diluted when applied to the skin if you are sensitive. Soothing and mildly antiseptic.

Witch Hazel due to it's alcohol content has a long shelf life.


Neutral or slightly acid to litmus solution (BPC)


pH @ 25°C

3.0 - 5.0


Weight per ml @ 20°C

0.976 - 0.982 (BPC)


Weight per ml @ 25°C

0.979 - 0.983 (USP)



Not detected

Not detected


Passes test


Non Volatile Residue

0.025% maximum


Acetone, other Ketones, Isopropyl Alcohol & Tertiary Butyl Alcohol

None detected


Limit of Tannins

0.03 maximum

< 0.03 mg/ml

Alcohol Content

14 -15% pure ethyl alcohol

14.5% v/v

Plate Count inc. Yeast & Mould

10 cfu/ml maximum

< 10.0 cfu/ml

This material meets the requirements of the BPC/NF/USP

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