Alambika 清新淨化複方精油 Synergy Well Being oil


Well Being Essential Oil Blend (4060 – 5ml)


Well Being 複方精油主要以其清新明亮的、令人耳目一新的香氣,有助空氣清新更有抗菌作用,最適合用於擴香機或室內霧氣機,幫助保護身體免受細菌侵害。其清爽香氣更有助消除精神疲勞,令精神更集中,是日間使用的絕佳組合!

  • 德國製造
  • 辛辣、刺激、清爽的複方純精油,帶有宜人的柑橘香。
  • 由 100% 純精油混合製成
  • 主要精油成份:檸檬、甜橙、野地百里香、桉油醇迷迭香
  • 香味簡介: 辛辣、草本、清新


將 3 滴複方精油加到您的室內霧氣機(擴香機請跟據該產品記明指示使用)。外出時,可在紙巾或手巾上滴3滴,直接吸入精油香味。



Well Being is primarily refreshing with its clean and bright aroma: general antiseptic to freshen the air. Best used in diffusers or room mists to help protect the body against germs. A great blend to clear away mental fatigue and help you focus!

This blend is intended for use in a diffuser, aromatherapy inhaler stick or inhalation patch.

  • Made in Germany
  • Spicy, stimulating, refreshing fragrance oil with a pleasant citrus note.
  • Fragrance blend made from 100% pure essential oils
  • Main ingredients: lemon , sweet orange , wild thyme , rosemary cineole , ...
  • Fragrance profile: Spicy, herbaceous, fresh

Application tips

Add 3 drops of the fragrance mixture to your diffuser. When you are out and about, put 3 drops on a handkerchief and inhale the essential scent directly. 

More information

Keep away from heat and sunlight. Do not ingest. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.

Item number:  4060

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