Alambika 有機法國雛菊浸泡油 Daisy Organic Infused Oil

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學名 : Bellis perennis
原料產地 : 法國
栽種方式 : 有機種植



Botanical name: Bellis perennis
Quality: 100% pure base oil
Cultivation: controlled organic
Plant part: flowers / plant
Origin: France 
INCI: daisy oil, sunflower oil

Healing and anti-inflammatory

Daisy Macerate Organic in Sunflower Oil 

This therapeutic Daisy herbal oil contains Daisy flowers infused in pure organic Sunflower Oil. Daisy herb has anti-inflammatory effects so is an ideal addition to an all-over body massage oil. It is also known traditionally for healing, including bruises and sore muscles.

In skincare, Daisy promotes firm and healthy skin which combines well with the hydrating properties of Sunflower Oil. This oil is light and easily absorbed. Add to your skincare formulation for daily facial use.

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