Alambika 有機德國大麻籽油 Hemp Organic Oil


6688 30ml, 100ml glass bottle, 200ml PET bottle

Botanical name: Cannabis sativa

Quality: 100% pure base oil

Cultivation: controlled biological

Suitability as: Fragrance profile

Plant part: Seed

Origin: Germany

Product information: Most important ingredients: INCI hemp oil

Use: It is a very quickly absorbed, firming oil that does not have any visible, oily Leaves a film and still builds up a protective layer on the skin, which securely locks its deeply penetrating moisture into the skin without clogging the pores. It also stabilizes the pH of the skin. This makes it the ideal face oil for oily and blemish-prone (mixed) skin as well as mature skin. Jojoba oil is ideal not only as an oil for facial care, but also for general body care. It is also a popular body care oil for stressed skin during and after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Jojoba oil is also an ideal care oil for hair ?? especially for oily hair due to its sebum-regulating properties.

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