Alambika 野生松紅莓花水(純露) Manuka Wild Floral Water

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5209 100ml with spraytop, 200ml PET bottle

Botanical name : Leptospermum scoparium

Quality : 100% pure hydrosol

Cultivation : wild growth

Product information : Without addition of alcohol or preservatives

Plant part : leaves

Origin : New Zealand

Most important ingredients : (INCI) Manukahydrolat


Manuka water is also an ideal facial toner for blemished skin. Manuka Hydrolat can act emotionally as a protective, strengthening body spray in crisis situations. Facial tonic: Spray your skin with the hydrolate every day and see how your complexion changes. Soothing body spray before going to sleep: Put a few sprays of Hydrolat directly on your skin or spray it as a room spray around the bed area / on the pillow.

About the plant

Manuka is also called the South Sea Myrtle and is native to New Zealand. The myrtle plant is undemanding and very resilient. If the shrub gets enough water, it can reach an average height of around 4 meters. Manuka achieved a real hype with the so-called "Manuka honey", as it is said to be very health-promoting and naturopathy has been using it for a long time. Manuka nectar or essential manuka oil is extracted from certain manuka plants. The Maoris, the indigenous people of New Zealand, use Manuka as a medicine.

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