Alambika 水蜜桃核油 Peach Kernel Oil

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100% 無添加植油
植物學名 : Prunus persica
種植方式 : 傳統種植
冷壓部份 : 水蜜桃核
植物原產地 : 意大利



含豐富維他命A 和E、多元不飽和脂肪酸及抗氧化成份。有保濕、促進細胞再生及修復組織結構效果,可以抗老及紓緩濕疹症狀。經常使用水蜜桃核仁油按摩熟齡及乾燥的皮膚,可加強保濕,改善敏感、無光澤、疲倦或暗沉肌膚,令皮膚煥發光采。

Botanical name : Prunus persica
Quality : 100% pure base oil
Cultivation : conventional
Part of the plant : kernels
Origin : Italy
INCI: peach kernel oil

A light oil that makes an excellent base for facial massage. Beneficial for all skin types, and especially mature or sensitive complexions.

Peach Kernel Oil is a light, emollient and nourishing oil which contains high levels of vitamins E and A and trace nutrients. It has a light feel on the skin and penetrates easily to give a silky, smooth effect.

This oil is beneficial for mature skin and is also well-tolerated by people with, especially dry or sensitive skin.

This is a pure natural therapeutic quality carrier oil from Italy. Many carrier oils have significant benefits for maintaining a healthy and youthful skin

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