La Saponaria 有機蘆薈青檸金盞花曬後沐浴啫喱 Organic After-sun shower Friend of the sea

$34 $88

Made in Italy
Ethic Chain
CCPB Certification Bio
Size: 150ml

The perfect recipe to take care of skin stressed by the sun, the chlorine and the sea salt.

We have chosen natural and 100% biodegradable surfactants (made of Coconut oil, Corn and grape waste), which cleanse your skin gently without polluting the seas. It contains hydrating and soothing ingredients such as Pure Aloe Vera gel, Panthenol and Calendula leaving your skin soft and velvety.

It smells like nature and summer thanks to the fresh and energizing essential oils of Basil and Lime.

IDEAL FOR: all skin types


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