Alambika 野生阿米香樹(西印度檀香)精油 Amyris Wild Essential Oil


1020-5AL, 1020-10AL

Botanical name: Amyris balsamifera

Quality: 100% natural essential oil

Cultivation: wild growth

Suitability as: consumer goods

Fragrance note: heart base

Plant part: wood

Origin: Dominican Republic

Main chemotypes: (INCI) Valerianol, Elemol, 7 epi-alpha-Eudesmol, 10 epi-gamma-Eudesmol, beta-Eudesmol


Amyris has a balancing and relaxing effect, lets us relax and gives us the serenity to enjoy our sensuality. It has a harmonizing effect on interpersonal relationships and soothes us. About the plant: Amyris is often confused with sandalwood because it comes from the West Indies. But these are not located in India, as expected, but in the Caribbean. When Columbus thought he had explored the sea route to India, he actually discovered America and ended up in that part of the Caribbean. The effect also bears very little resemblance to that of sandalwood. Amyris is mainly used in difficult situations or relationships. The sesquiterpenes contained are popular in naturopathy because of their skin-friendly and anti-inflammatory properties.

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