Alambika 有機安息香精油 Benzoin Siam Resinoid 55% in alc.


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Botanical name: Styrax tonkinensis

Quality: 100% natural essential oil

Cultivation: wild, controlled organic

Suitability as: consumer goods

Fragrance note: base

Plant part: resin

Origin: Laos

Main chemotypes: (INCI) Benzoic acid, Ethanol, Benzyl benzoate, Vanilline


對龜裂、乾燥皮膚非常有用,能使皮膚恢復彈性。對 凍瘡、皮膚潰瘍、小疹,傷口都有效,皮膚發紅發癢 與刺激等也有療效。



Benzoin has a warm, vanilla-like aroma that offers an emotionally calming, stabilizing quality. Do you know the difference between an absolute and a resinoid? With the Resinoid, bio-alcohol is added to transform the Benzoin resin into a liquid state, while with an Absolute, the resin goes through a further process in which the wax is extracted and thereby becomes a liquid state.

Benzoe oil has a stress-relieving and soothing effect on our minds and nerves. It gives our soul warmth and security. It also has a harmonizing effect on our relationships, and it can also have an aphrodisiac effect on a sensual level. It is a cozy pampering fragrance that helps us to let go and stimulates us to dream. Also ideal for meditation.

Psychological effects: 

  • mood lifting
  • aphrodisiac 
  • stress relieving
  • stimulates dreaming 
  • anxiety-relieving

Spiritual effects: 

  • enveloped in a cloud full of positivity
  • strengthening 
  • grounding 
  • soul-comforting

Physical effects:

  • skin caring 
  • free breathing 

Can be easily combined with: 

  • rose 
  • geranium 
  • Bitter orange 
  • vanilla
  • cardamom 
  • sandalwood


  • For a cozy, cozy atmosphere: 1-2 drops in an aroma lamp or an aroma stone (DO NOT use in the diffuser, as any resin residues could damage the diffuser)
  • Dissolved in almond oil as massage oil
  • as a homemade perfume

DIY recipe: massage oil sweet playfulness 

  • 50ml almond oil
  • 3 drops of rose oil
  • 3 drops of Benzoin Siam 
  • 2 drops of vanilla

Now the oils just have to be mixed together. 

About the plant

The resin of the storax trees is named as benzoin. The tree, which grows in the wild, is mainly found in Thailand and Vietnam. Benzoin is usually sold as resin and smoked. 

In all cultures, sacrifices were made for religious purposes, to thank people, animals and gods and to honor them. In a small ceremony you can send bright thoughts to dear friends, thank strangers who have helped you, or just think about nature and life. By smoking an offering with benzoin, we create an energetic balance for a gift received.

Since ancient times, benzoin has been effective in driving away the forces of darkness, which today affect our lives in the form of depression, melancholy and fears. It brings light to dark times, conveys confidence and gently dissolves fears. There is security and protection when you feel discouraged, lonely and abandoned. But even with every new beginning, which is accompanied by fears of the unknown, it reduces the fears and allows us to find our way back to our basic trust. ( Source: Satureja )


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