Alambika 有機無光敏佛手柑精油 Bergamot FCF Organic Essential Oil


1176-5ml, 1176-10ml, 1176-30ml

Botanical name: Citrus bergamia

Quality: 100% natural essential oil

Cultivation: controlled organic

Suitability as: food

Fragrance note: head

Plant part: bowls

Origin: Italy

Main chemotypes: (INCI) Limonene, Linalyl acetate, Linalool









Bergamot is often used as a mood enhancer in aromatherapy. It is supposed to help with stress and depression by having a harmonizing and revitalizing effect and giving inner peace. It should also be an effective helper for sleep disorders and burn-out.

Note: If you want to use bergamot oil for mixtures, massages, face oils and other formulations that involve skin contact, this bergamot FCF (furocoumarin-free) is the ideal choice, as this is the only way to avoid unwanted pigmentation of the epidermis. It occurs as soon as the skin is exposed to direct sunlight.

Tip: Put 2-3 drops of the bergamot oil in your diffuser. If you should be on the go, you can simply use it as a smelling bottle.

About the plant

As a citrus fruit, bergamot is a magician of the sun and is considered a hybrid between lime and blood orange. Visually, the fruit can be compared to a small green orange. It owes the beauty of its emanating fragrance to a rare and harmonious consonance of different olfactory components: they allow us to experience a combination of fruity-sweeter with stimulating-fresh notes. The scent of bergamot is said to enrich life with happiness and enthusiasm.

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