Alambika 有機白玫瑰花水(純露) Rose Alba Organic Floral Water


學名 : Rosa alba
原料產地 : 保加利亞

栽種方式 : 有機


保加利亞的白玫瑰是一種古老而罕見的玫瑰,由於白玫瑰的數量少, 一般都會比其他玫瑰珍貴。




5218 100ml in glass with spraytop, 200ml, 500ml, 1000ml, in PET bottle

Botanical name : Rosa alba

Quality : 100% pure hydrosol

Cultivation : controlled organic

Product information: Without addition of alcohol or preservatives

Plant part: flowers

Origin: Bulgaria

Most important ingredients : (INCI) rose blossom hydrosol (alba)


The rose hydrolate is a real all-rounder. It soothes and cares for every skin type, balances quick-tempered minds, ensures harmony and an open heart. Cleopatra is said to owe her beauty to the rose water and to have seduced men in a bath with rose water. 

The aromatherapist and hydrolate expert Lydia Bosson recommends a tablespoon of rose water in a glass of water as a cure after heartache, grief or mood swings.

Tip: Spray your skin with the rose water every day and see how your complexion refines.

Everyday tip: after shaving, spray your skin with rose water and say goodbye to shaving bumps. Fragrant hair: After shampooing, simply give 3-4 sprays into wet hair.

About the plant

The rose is also called the queen of flowers and is associated with beauty, femininity and romance. It is considered fresh, soft, velvety. Its scent is sensual, flowery, sweet and beguiling. This is how men profess their love with a bouquet of roses. In naturopathy, the plant is used to let women blossom into their femininity. The perfume industry uses them as the basis for many sophisticated fragrance compositions. 

The rose is said to have astringent, firming, refreshing properties. It is often used for skin care for different skin types. It should both develop an anti-aging effect and care for dry skin, as well as work against impurities. 

At the same time, roses help to balance the hormonal system and are therefore often used in naturopathy for menstrual cramps, used for sexual aversion or mood swings. Women report that the rose allows them to blossom again in their female role.

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