Alambika 野生印度檀香花水 (純露) Indian Sandalwood Wild Floral Water


100% 無添加純露
植物學名 : Santalum album
種植方式 : 野生
蒸餾部份 : 木
植物原產地 : 印度


特別對乾燥缺水、敏感、成熟肌膚功效十分顯著。有助減淡細紋、深層補水、舒緩敏感肌。對粉刺、皮膚發紅、 發癢、微血管破裂、酒糟發紅、玫瑰痤瘡、 濕疹及牛皮癬症狀都有紓緩安撫作用。


5276 250ml PET with spraytop, 500ml, 1000ml in PET bottle

Botanical name: Santalum album
Quality: 100% pure hydrosol from distillation
Cultivation: wild
Without the addition of alcohol or preservatives
Suitability as: consumer goods
Plant part: wood
Origin: India

Most important ingredients: sandalwood hydrolate


The sandalwood hydrosol can be used as a body spray to help release mental blocks, separate from the little self and connect with the greater purpose. It can help achieve clarity and inner serenity. In Ayurveda, it is also used to soothe the fire element and to nourish the skin. Inspirational body spray: give 2-3 sprays on your body and let the softness of sandalwood accompany you.

About the plant

Sandalwood is native to India, Nepal, Australia and New Caledonia and can reach a height of 15 meters. The wood has to grow for 15 years to produce oil. Real sandalwood is a rare treasure. As it is an endangered plant species, the trade in its products is subject to legal regulations and strict controls on the part of the government of India. Sandalwood is used in many Buddhist and Hindu rituals and is said to strengthen meditation and create a distance from the ego. Naturopaths and aromatherapists use sandalwood for skin care and relaxation. Sesquiterpenols, the main constituents of sandalwood, are known for their skin-friendly, immune-boosting effects.


Santalum album Wood Extract

More information

Protect from heat and sunlight. This hydrosol is natural. Any flaking does not affect the quality. To ensure optimal shelf life, please store the product at approx. 10 ° C.

Item number: 5276

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