Alambika 大花茉莉純露(花水) Jasmine Grandiflorum Floral Water

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100% 無添加純露

植物學名 : Jasminum grandiflorum
種植方式 : 傳統種植
蒸餾部份 : 花朵
植物原產地 : 印度


5203 100ml in glass spray top, 200ml & 1000ml in PET bottle

Botanical name: Jasminum grandiflorum

Quality: 100% pure hydrosol from distillation

Cultivation: conventional cultivation

Without the addition of alcohol or preservatives

    Suitability as: consumer goods

    Plant part: flowers

    Origin: India

    Main ingredients: jasmine hydrolate


    The jasmine floral water with a slightly floral scent is used in particular as a skin tonic to refine the complexion. The delicately sweet scent has a mood-enhancing effect - one or two sprays on the face and décolleté convey a? Good mood? and connect us with harmony.

    Application: Jasmine water is used like rose water as a nourishing facial toner. Tip: Mix jasmine water with rose water and apply it to your skin after cleansing.

    Fragrant hair: After shampooing, simply give 3-4 sprays into wet hair.

    About the plant

    Jasmine is a climbing wood or shrub from the olive family. The plant originally comes from the Himalayas and China, but is now cultivated in many tropical and subtropical countries around the world. Its star-shaped, white flowers have an intense bewitching floral scent that conveys sensuality, eroticism and femininity. In China and the Orient, the aromas of jasmine have been used for thousands of years to flavor tea and to make perfumes. 1000 kg of jasmine flowers are required for 1 kg of absolute obtained by hexane extraction. The main ingredients of jasmine are esters, which play a major role in aromatherapy, as their properties are described as being skin-friendly and mentally and physically relaxing. Jasmine is considered to lift the mood,


    Jasminum officinale Flower Water

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