Alambika 小花茉莉精華油 Jasmine Sambac Facial Oil

A luxurious organic essential oil blend

Quality: Mixture of 100% pure essential oils and base oils.

Most important ingredients: 3% jasmine sambac oil in organic jojoba

Jasmine Dilution (3% in Jojoba) (5841)

Jojoba Jasmine Dilution is a luxurious organic essential oil blend. It contains just two ingredients; pure essential oil of Jasmine in organic Jojoba oil; a beautiful aromatherapy experience in a bottle. No preservatives, chemicals or synthetic ingredients. The scent is deep, rich and floral.

This oil blend is a dilution of 3% essential oil in Jojoba and can also be used for therapeutic purposes.


This luxurious, delicately scented jasmine mixture works with the skin-caring base oil jojoba. Due to its specific structure, it provides long-lasting protection for the skin without a visible, oily layer. It is also popular for blemished skin. This relaxing, regenerating jasmine rose oil from certified organic cultivation is a fine blend of 100% natural jojoba oil and the essential oil of the exotic, seductive, intense Arabian jasmine. 

As a face oil:

You can use the jojoba jasmine face oil on both dry and wet skin? however, the oil is more productive on wet skin. After cleansing, put 3 drops of the oil on the wet face and massage the oil in small, circular movements. It's also great as an oil that you can massage in with a jade roller. 

As a perfume:

You can also use this oil as a perfume. To do this, put 3 drops on your wrists and rub them in. Now use 2 more drops for your neck region.

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