Alambika 有機檸檬香桃木精油 Lemon Myrtle Organic Essential Oil


Botanical name : Backhousia citriodora

Quality : 100% natural essential oil

Cultivation : controlled organic

Suitability as : food 

Fragrance note : base

Plant part : leaves

Origin : Australia 

Main chemotypes : (INCI) Geranial, Neral, trans-Isocitral


Myrtle oil can have a cleansing, straightening and harmonizing effect on the mind. It can help to let go of disturbing thought patterns and to go new ways with courage, serenity and clarity. Cleansing, harmonizing, uplifting atmosphere: Add 1-2 drops of essential oil to the

About the plant

The myrtle, with the Latin name Myrtus communis, belongs to the Myrtaceae family. It is an evergreen shrub with small, dark green, leathery and oval-shaped leaves that spread an aromatic scent over the surroundings. It can reach a height of 5 meters. Myrtle comes from the Mediterranean region, but cannot be found in Central Europe because it is not winter hardy. 

The plant thrives best in the sun or partially shaded locations, preferably in neutral or slightly acidic soils that are low in calcium. The flowering period lasts from May to August. Many small white flowers develop in the leaf axils. From the lower ovary grows an approximately 1 cm large, spherical, blue-black berry fruit. In addition, various liqueurs are made from fruits, offered as Myrto Rosso or Myrto Bianco made from white flowers for digestive purposes. The liqueurs are particularly popular in Sardinia and Corsica.

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