Alambika 粉紅蓮花原精 Lotus Pink Absolute


Volume: 3ml

Botanical name: Nelumbo nucifera

Quality: 100% natural essential oil

Cultivation: obtained by extraction

Suitability as: consumer goods

Fragrance note: heart

Plant part: flowers

Origin: India

Main chemotypes: (INCI) Palmitic acid, Heptadecane, cis-Jasmone


It is wise to use this extraordinary oil in combination with other essences. Its all-over effect carries the energy of the other essential oils into every cell of the body. A mixture of lotus and rose the endocrine system, while lotus mixed with red grape helps strengthen the heart. Lotus oil also goes well with sandalwood oil, cardamom oil and other spice oils ...

Psychological effects:

  • Strengthening and nourishing the spirit
  • Improve vitality
  • Relaxing and anti-stress effects
  • Calm the nerves and regain inner harmony

Spiritual effects:

  • Excellent qualities for opening the heart to love
  • Release creative powers and inspiration
  • Use: 1-2 drops mixed with a carrier oil

Can be mixed well with:

  • Rose oil for the endocrine system
  • Also goes well with sandalwood oilcardamom oil and other spice oils
  • Mixed with Lotus Absolute and sandalwood, grape oil, the mixture is perfect for body care, baths and massages

About the plant

The lotus flower was known in ancient China long before Indian monks spread Buddhism in the country. Many ancient scriptures show the great veneration for this plant and it was popularly called 'ho', which means peace. A student of Confucius wrote a hymn on the lotus flower, which says that it symbolizes the perfect human being who rises from the darkness and the swampy ground, grows towards the light and unfolds the purest petals regardless of the deepest gloom ...

Item number: 1995

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