Alambika 野生橙花叔醇綠花百千層精油 Niaouli Nerolidol Wild Essential Oil


Botanical name : Melaleuca quinquenervia ner.

Quality : 100% natural essential oil

Cultivation : wild growth

Suitability as : consumer goods

Fragrance note : head

Plant part : plant

Origin : Australia

Main chemotypes : (INCI) trans-nerolidol, trans trans farnesol, beta-caryophyllene


Niaouli oil has a constructive and strengthening effect in crisis situations, strengthens the mind, lifts us up and gives us courage for new orientations and to be able to make decisions with confidence. But the oil is also very popular as an addition to masks, it should clarify the complexion. Strengthening atmosphere: Put 1 drop of the oil in your diffuser

About the plant

The evergreen Niaouli tree belongs to the family of the Myrtaceae plants or tea trees and is native to the tropical regions of New Caledonia, the French Pacific Islands, and eastern coastal Australia. The tree is characterized by its robustness and adaptability. Once rooted, it cannot be removed. There are extensive Niaouli forests in his native New Caledonia. The residents there believe in the healing powers of the plant. They also believe that the leaves that fall to the ground provide a healthy environment as they are said to be highly disinfectant.

Item number: 2280

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