Alambika 檸檬葉精油 Petitgrain Lemon Essential Oil


100% 無添加精油
植物學名 : Citrus Limonum
種植方式 : 傳統種植
蒸餾部份 : 葉片
植物原產地 : 法國


對情緒壓力等造成的 緊張,沮喪等情緒問題,有不錯的 鎮靜與安撫改善作用。

Botanical name: Citrus Limonum
Quality: 100% natural essential oil
Cultivation : conventional
Suitability as: consumer goods
Fragrance note: head-heart
Plant part: leaves
Origin: France
Main chemotypes : (INCI) Limonene, Citral, Geranyl acetate, beta-Caryophyllene, Geraniol
Item number:  2460

Anti-stress - Astringent - Harmonising

Petitgrain Lemon Citrus Limonum (2460 )

Any oil with ‘petitgrain’ in its name is steam distilled from the leaf of a citrus tree, in this case obviously Lemon. The aroma is indeed reminiscent of lemon, but with an astringent quality which is very gentle and soft.

This is a wonderful ‘anti-stress’ oil that adds an enticingly harmonious effect to any living space. It can be used in an anti-stress massage blend, and its anti inflammatory qualites are good for skincare.

Use it to support digestive function, muscles and joints and functions of the heart. Geraniol stimulates the uterus, so this oil is contra-indicated in pregnancy until the latter stages.

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