Alteya Organics 有機薰衣草花茶 Organic Lavender Herb Tea



Size: 80g

產地: 保加利亞
等級: 有機食品級

  • 減壓、淨化心緒,舒解壓力
  • 有助鬆弛神經,幫助入眠
  • 舒緩頭暈、頭痛、偏頭痛
  • 改善初起感冒病徵、流鼻水及口乾舌燥不適
  • 可製成乾花包,有薰香和驅蟲功效
  • 適合加入點心零食,或浸浴時可加入數匙泡澡用
  • 太濃會變苦,可根據個人口味添加少許蜂蜜或配搭其他花草沖泡


This tea is naturally sweet and delicate with
wonderfully tranquilizing aroma. Its fragrance is
known to relax and soothe mind and body and it
may promote restful sleep.
100% Natural, 100% Organic

2.82 fl oz/80g

Our fragrant and organic loose herbal teas are harvested from the slopes of the eco-regions of the
Balkan mountain range or the famous Valley of Roses in Bulgaria.

  • Naturally caffeine-free
  • Blend well with each other
  • Packed with antioxidants and vitamins
  • Delicious hot as well as iced


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