Florascent Natural Eau de Toilette Ksar 天然中性淡香水 30 ml 東方木香

$240 $480

Florascent Classic Collection 

Ksar - Eau de Toilette


前調: bitter orange 苦橙,bergamot 佛手柑,cardamon 白荳蔻

中調: mimosa 銀合歡, rose 玫瑰,black tea 紅茶

後調: allspice 多香果,sandalwood 檀香,amber 琥珀

Florascent Orientalis Ksar, Eau de Toilette made from purely natural raw materials.

Handmade luxury - oriental fragrance - unisex

Mysterious fragrance from the heart of Morocco!
The fresh, floral note of mimosa and roses is delicately balanced on a base of mild oriental spices, black tea and fine woods.

Clear and pure in the top with mimosa blossom, black tea and cardamom. In the heart of the fragrance of noble Moroccan roses and light rosewood. Indian cashmere spices and precious amber complement each other to create a delicious finale.

Main accords: woody, fresh, oriental

Top: bitterorange, bergamot, cardamon
Heart: mimosa, rose, black tea
Base: pimento, sandalwood, amber

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