Kobashi 金盞花抗敏潔面液 Calendula Face Wash (Liquid)



with Organically grown Aloe Vera, Calendula, Sunflower, Jojoba, Wheat germ oils & Vitamins

Gently foaming facial cleanser to help keep skin healthy and conditioned without being drying. Containing organically grown Aloe vera and Calendula renowned for their calming and healing properties. Ideal for sensitive or blemished skin.

Ingredients: Organically grown Calendula tinctured in Aqua, Organically grown Aloe vera (balances PH and helps skin), cold pressed Calendula infused in Organically grown Sunflower oil, *Aloe barbadensis miller, **sodium cocoyl isethionate, (** coco, decyl, lauryl &amp; caprylyl/capryl **glucosides), **coco-betaine, D-Panthenol, *argan spinosa, *simmondsia chinensis, **natural vitamin e mixed tocopherols, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) *Helianthus annuus,**Cetearyl alcohol, **glycerine, *xanthan gum, sodium chloride (salt 0.001%), citric acid, **benzyl alcohol, **potassium sorbate, **phenoxyethanol</p>
<p>* Organically grown, ** suitable for organic formulas as natural ingredients **sodium cocoyl isethionate, ( coco, decyl, lauryl &amp; caprylyl/capryl **glucosides), **coco-betaine, RSPO MB, **natural vitamin e mixed tocopherols, as this is stated in certificates by our suppliers.</p>
<p>D-Panthenol is a plant based vital nutrient derived from Pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin B5. It is used in healing creams. Panthenol improves and increases skin moisturising effect making dry skin softer and more elastic.

To use: Shake, wash and rinse.

Authentic Aromatherapy since 1985

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