Kobashi 10%雲尼拿精油 10% Vanilla Oleoresin Essential Oil


LATIN NAME: Vanilla planifolia in Cocos nucifera

SOURCE: Concentrated Vanilla bean pods
COLOUR: dark brown with reddish tones
AROMA: Rich vanilla beans with pleasant creamy undertones

Certificate of Naturalness, Purity and Food Grade Vanilla Oleoresin: Delicious Aroma 10% Pure Vanilla Oleoresin in Coconut oil it has a stronger aroma and taste than other "so called pure Vanilla extracts".

Properties: Exotic, comforting, soothing

Dilute in more carrier oil to use in a wonderful massage: start with a few drops and add more to your liking.

Add to soaps and shampoo: start with a few drops and add more to your liking.

Description & Composition:

Natural extractive obtained from cured (black) Indian-origin Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia Andrews) beans by ethyl alcohol extraction; followed by a gentle, almost complete ethyl alcohol removal by evaporation. This product contains pure and natural vanilla oleoresin. 1kg equals vanilla beans of 3.5 kg. This product does not contain any other (natural or otherwise) additives.

To use add a few drop to Hot bowl. When used on a Hot bowl and Aroma has expired it is easily wiped off with a paper towel.

Add a few drops to a teaspoon to Pancakes, Cakes and Cookies.


Certificate of Naturalness, Purity and Food Grade:
We hereby declare that the above mentioned product is 100% Food grade, pure and natural origin.

Certificate of cultivation:

We hereby certify that the above mentioned product have been produced from raw materials harvested from the fields cultivated in a renewable and environment friendly way.

Certification of Non Inclusion of GMO Raw materials:

We hereby certify that the above mentioned product have been produced from raw materials that do not originate from G.M.O crops.

Certificate of no testing on animals:

We hereby certify that the above mentioned product has not been tested on any animals in any way.

Regulatory Status:

CAS (TSCA) 8024-06-4 Vanilla bean oleoresin
FEMA 3106
FDA 21 CFR § 182.20 Vanilla planifolia extractives
EINECS 283-521-8 (CAS 84650-63-5)
CoE number 474
EEC Directive 88/388 Natural flavouring preparation

Analytical Data:

Vanillin content 6% - 10% (HPLC)
Ethanol solubility partially soluble forming a sticky deposit
Water solubility partially soluble forming a slurry
Specific gravity @ 25°C 1.2 - 1.4
Flash point Higher than 100°C (212°F)
Boiling point Higher than 78°C (172°F)
Residual solvent Less than 1% ethanol

Storage / Usage:

Store the product in a cool dry area (< 80°F / 27°C) in well-filled and hermetically closed containers (preferably made of Aluminium, HDPE, PET or GLASS). Do not expose to direct sunlight. Avoid bacteriological pollution due to the presence of residual water. Refer MSDS for precautions. Under optimal conditions, it is expected to have a shelf life of 12 months. Vanilla extractives generally separate into layers upon sedentary storage and must be homogenized by careful stirring before any use.

The above information has been compiled from data sources considered accurate. This data is believed to be reliable; however it is given for guidance purposes only. Further, it is subject to change pending accumulation of new and additional data. Changing regulations and varying individual batch characteristics inherent to products of natural origin require frequent specification modifications and, correspondingly, the necessity to disclaim any warranties or liabilities.

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