Kobashi 無光敏蒸餾佛手柑精油 Bergamot Distilled Essential Oil

KOBASHI BERGAMOT Distilled OIL 100% Pure

LATIN NAME: Citrus bergamia.
SOURCE: steamed distilled fruit peel.
ORIGIN: Calabria Italy
AROMA: Sweet, citrus lemony mandarin like - with a fresh green note.

QUALITIES: Relaxing, refreshing, excellent for skin care - especially oily or blemished skin.

Use at <2% in a carrier oil such as Rosehip seed oil: 1 drop in 5ml of carrier.

Add 1 drop to in warm well shaken water, then immediately as a mouthwash and breath freshener.

Better yet mix with Kobashi Soap. Dip tooth brush in Kobashi Soap, drop 1 drop of Bergamot oil and/or 1 drop of peppermint oil and wash your mouth out. Sometimes I squirt some Aloe vera gel on the tooth brush first. It's probably good to alternate with your favourite toothpaste as it's better to always diversify for balance.

An ingredient in Earl Grey tea and in cologne. Named after an Italian city, Bergamo.

Our distilled Bergamot is bergapten free.

True Bergapten free Bergamot cost slightly more to make as it must be fractionated and tested for the bergapten content. Bergapten free Bergamot is clear in colour and lighter sweeter in Aroma than cold pressed.


The people of Calabria Italy's Bergamot workers where most of the Bergamot is produce, pick and process Bergamot in the sun and seem to be very healthy. In fact, one of Kobashi suppliers said, he does not know of any cases where the workers had any health problems.

It seems as though Nature in the whole has balancing mechanism that are not there when you isolate one chemical.


From the Rutaceae family, (citrus) a small tree growing to about four and a half metres high with smooth green oval leaves, beautiful fragrant white flowers, and small green fruit ripening to yellow. Native to tropical Asia, and cultivated in Southern Italy, and the Ivory coast.

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