Kobashi 貓薄荷(貓草)精油 Catnip Essential Oil


LATIN NAME: Nepeta cataria
SOURCE: Steam distilled flowering herb
COLOUR: viscous, light amber
ORIGIN: Canada
AROMA: Strong, pungent, penetrating, herbaceous, sweet green, minty

QUALITIES: Catnip is much loved by cats, in fact the essential oil was used in North America in the trapping of wild (big) cats. It is a very effective insect repellent, especially against mosquitoes. Research conducted at Iowa State University found that Nepetalactone, a chemical in catnip, to be ten times more effective than Deet (Diethyl-m-toluamide), the chemical used in most commercial insect repellents. To this end Catnip is an ingredient in our insect blends.The herb has a long history of traditional medicinal use.

Effective in a massage oil for treating sore, stiff muscles. Add to bath base at the on set of colds or chills. Believed to have a sedating effect so may be useful for those expieriencing nervous tension, stress or insomnia.

Try dropping our Catnip oil on a cloth mouse or toy and leave it for an hour then give it to your cat. Our Cat loves it.

You need to only add a drop to a cats toy, then let it sit for and hour, then give it to your cat to play with. Not all cats like catnip oil. Not all cats like catnip oil. Catnip oil is a much stronger than the herb.

My cat Braveheart loves it, but Daisy won't go near it.

We put a few drops on a cloth inside a sock and our cats love it especially Raphael our blue persian. He spends hours rolling around and playing with it. (he's usually very grumpy)! Our cat Braveheart loves to play with his catnip mouse also.

Other uses for Catnip oil:


A member of the Labiatae family it is a small ornamental perennial growing to 30 to 90cm high with a spread of 30 to 60cm. It has medium ovate, toothed leaves that are grey-green, and erect branched stems. The flowers are blue/mauve borne in whorls and appear in summer. Needs full sun in moist well drained soil. Propagate by seed sown in autumn or spring, or by softwood cuttings in summer.

Info: Organically grown: no pesticides or herbicides used.

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