Kobashi 意大利冷壓檸檬精油 Lemon Cold Pressed Essential Oil


LATIN NAME: Citrus limonum
SOURCE: CP: Obtained by cold expression from the fruit peel
COLOUR: Clear to cloudy yellow, may have wax sediment in cold temperatures
ORIGIN: Southern Italy, Calabria
AROMA: Sweet and zesty characteristic of fresh squeezed lemon peel

The Lemon oil Sicilian extra is a lemon oil CP obtained from lemon fruits collected in Sicily, South of Italy, and choosen between the best cultivation.

Definitively is an extra special quality of lemon oil CP, the best we have.

QUALITIES: Excellent antiseptic. Refreshing and uplifting -Ideal for oily skin.

Caution: Do not use in the sun or under ultraviolet rays, as this oil is photo toxic: absorbs sunlight.

Not a problem when used in shampoo or soap as most is washed away.

A useful insect repellent and hair rinse. Can be used to lighten dull stained hands or to tone and condition nails and cuticles. Excellent as a general tonic to the body, helps to boost the immune system. Blends well with other oils.

Lemons have always been highly prized and traditionally were given to sailors to fight off scurvy on long sea voyages during the days of old English sailing ships. My Father can remember as a child here in England during the second world war, a single lemon, used in a raffle as a prize, raised enough money to buy a 'Spitfire' fighter plane. Used extensively as a fragrance in toiletries and drinks.

A member of the Rutaceae family, an evergreen tree up to six metres high, with oval leaves and thorns. It has white fragrant flowers followed by green fruit, turning yellow on ripening. Native to Asia , grows wild in the Mediterranean.
What is it when a citrus oil is cloudy?
This is normal for expressed and is the waxes in the oil. It is actually a sign that the lemon is natural and the waxes help to keep the citrus oils. This is why you don't put citrus oils in the frig, as the waxes will fall to the bottom. It is a difficult one to control, as it's hot out, but at high altitude in the jet it is cold. All in all the Lemon will be fine. The question to ask is how's the Aroma?

furanocoumarins may be present at low levels:

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