Kobashi 檸檬香茅精油 Lemongrass Essential Oil

KOBASHI LEMONGRASS OIL 100% Pure Organically grown

LATIN NAME: Cymbopogon citratus
SOURCE: Steam distilled grass
ORIGIN: Cochin India
AROMA: Strong sweet 'lemony', rich, deep, creamy, slightly grassy

QUALITIES: Excellent for vaporising to banish unpleasant smells. Uplifting and refreshing - good for tired sweaty feet, or as a rinse for greasy hair. A good oil to use as an insect repellent. Helpful in a massage oil to increase poor circulation and treat muscular aches and pain. Helpful to those suffering from nervous exhaustion and stress related conditions. Can be irritating to skin so use with caution and dilute well. Sometimes used to adulterate the more expensive oil of Melissa. This is why we test so extensively.

A member of the Poaceae family, a fast growing, tall aromatic plant native to Asia.

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