Kobashi 冷壓甜橙精油 Orange Sweet Cold Pressed Essential Oil

KOBASHI ORANGE OIL 100% Pure sweet

Cold pressed

LATIN NAME: Citrus sinensis.
SOURCE: Expressed from the fresh fruit peel.
COLOUR: clear yellow
ORIGIN: Calabria, Italy
AROMA: Fresh, sweet and fruity true to the fruit.

QUALITIES: Soothing and uplifting. A warming jolly oil. Add to Bath Base for a soothing and warming winter bath. Helpful for congested oily skin, good choice for using on the first signs of a winter cold. Try adding to massage oil in a blend with marjoram if suffering from constipation. Encourages sleep - ideal when vaporised and blends well with other oils. Caution: Do not use in the sun or ultraviolet waves, as this oil is photo toxic: absorbs sunlight. Not a problem when used in shampoo or soap as most is washed away. Used extensively in the perfume and food industries.

A member of the Rutaceae family, an evergreen tree up to eight metres high, with glossy dark green oval leaves. It has white fragrant flowers and fleshy orange fruit when ripe. Native to China but grows well in the Mediterranean California and Florida.

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