Kobashi 岩玫瑰精油 Rock Rose (Cistus) Essential Oil



LATIN NAME: Cistus ladaniferus
SOURCE: STEAM-distilled from the flower petals and leaves
COLOUR: amber yellow
AROMA: complex mossy green base notes, sweet citrus floral warm top notes and slightly woody A great essential oil to compliment your aroma perfumery collection. Mixes well with many essential oils. Start by using small amounts. One drop in 10ml carrier should do as the base. Grown sustainably as wild-crafted. A very likeable aroma when mixed with Frankincence or citrus oils that will give your perfume an unique depth.
QUALITIES: soothing, uplifting, calming. Good for counteracting a gloomy day and known to be excellent for skin care to help fight against ageing skin. Cistus grows prolifically and has been said to be around since the Pleistocene age from 2.588 million years ago. It is a shrubby plant, grows wild in dry rocky places. It's leaves are sticky, as in gummy and the flowers are paperlike, cream with a yellow centre and dark maroon dots. 

Kobashi Cistus oil is a pure steam distilled essential oil and Not to be confused or mistaken for cheaper Cistus absolute or resin gum. Other types that exist: Labdanum gum that is obtained by a proccess of maceration in alcohol. Absolute of cistus obtained by solvent extraction.

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