Kobashi Shampoo Base 無香基礎洗頭水 (溫和配方)


This is a premium environmentally friendlier shampoo.

We love this shampoo.

A very mild cleansing, luxuious lather balancing shampoo creating soft, manageable and full bodied hair.

We believe it is most important that Kobashi Shampoo is mild, cleans, helps hair and skin feel good.

Test on different hair types within our family and with friends have show very satisfying results.

For most hair types a quick apply and rinse with warm water should suffice.

To Use:

1.) Turn the bottle upside down and shake well.

2.) Wet hair thoroughly.

note: The temperature of the water will increase or decrease conditioning, colder water will leave more oils and waxes and hotter water more melt and rinse away.

3.) Gently apply, work in and pull through hair, then place top of head below shower for a second, then pull through hair.

The more hair you have the more shampoo you will need. usually 5 to 10ml for shoulder length hair.

You may find it better to dilute the shampoo first and rinse through. In it's neat form I find it can create more lather than needed. While leaving it in my hair I cup some off my head and use it to shave right there and then.

Note: The longer the shampoo is left in the hair the more conditioning. One must analyze and assess the state of hair affter first wash. Note temperature and leave in time to get the result you are going for.

Example: For more volume a higher temperature, a quick apply and extra rinsing is best. You could also add a little bicarbonate soda to increase the PH. This will expand the hair. Too high a PH over 7 could more dry out your hair and cause tangling and static.

Example: For more conditioning a lower temperature and a longer leave on will do.

If you have dry ends you can apply to them and leave for extra conditioning. We left some on our arm overnight for a test without a problem.

Finding a happy place for your feel and image is a personal workout.

Sure you can search for the 'exact formula', but this one has great scope with little effort needed on your part.

You should be able to get your balance by using and doing an observational and adjusting approach.

4.) Rinse out with the appropriate water temperature and volume.



Kobashi Shampoo Base, has been formulated to work with essential oils and work fine without them.

It has a very very slight pleasant clean fresh aroma, but will not affect the aroma of the formula scent your going for.

The way we use them is either add 1 to 3% essential oi to the bottle or only need a few drops of essential oil per 5 or 10ml of shampoo.

Depending which essential oil being used will determine the exact amount: see side of essential oil bottle for recommended %.

A quick guide to amounts of essential oil to use:

Pour about a teaspoon to tablespoon of shampoo in your cupped hand, add 1drop of essential stir hands together.

Alternatively add drops of essential oil to 250ml Shampoo bottle and shake very well.

1%: 2.5ml or 50drops 2%: 5ml or 25drops 3%: 7.5ml or 150drops


Kobashi Shampoo is very mild, balancing and conditioning.

Free from SLS / SLES / MIT and Parabens.

It contains ingredients which organic formulas should be happy with, is enriched with organically grown Aloe Vera making it an ideal choice for any age with sensitive skin. Aloe vera also brings the Ph down to balance the formula.

Ingredients: Aqua (Kobashi filtered and UV treated pure 66m deep well water, UV treatment isn't acually needed, as no bugs were found in test, but required by law and we are extra cautious), *Aloe barbadensis miller, **sodium cocoyl isethionate, (** coco, decyl, lauryl & caprylyl/capryl **glucosides), **coco-betaine, D-Panthenol, *argan spinosa, *simmondsia chinensis, **natural vitamin e mixed tocopherols, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) *Helianthus annuus,**Cetearyl alcohol, **glycerine, *xanthan gum, sodium chloride (salt 0.001%), citric acid, **benzyl alcohol, **potassium sorbate, **phenoxyethanol

* Organically grown, ** suitable for organic formulas as natural ingredients **sodium cocoyl isethionate, ( coco, decyl, lauryl & caprylyl/capryl **glucosides), **coco-betaine, RSPO MB, **natural vitamin e mixed tocopherols, as this is stated in certificates by our suppliers.

D-Panthenol is a plant based vital nutrient derived from Pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin B5. It is used in healing creams. Panthenol improves and increases skin moisturising effect making dry skin softer and more elastic. With an anti-inflammatory effect it soothes irritated skin and it helps to heal minor wounds, like a nick shaving or when skin grazes or blisters Very popular in hair care products. D-Panthenol is a clear liquid, containing a minimum of 75% (R)-Panthenol in water stabilized with 1% D-pantolactone. Common names are D-Panthenol 75 / Provitamin B5 / Pantothenol / D-pantothenyl alcohol and INCI Name is Panthenol. This product origin is UK.

**sodium cocoyl isethionate is known as baby foam and is one of the mildest cleansers in the world. It can actually be used in leave on products up to 17% and wash off up to 40%.

This shampoo is made to a Ph of 4.7 to 4.9. This is a compromise between keratin PH ~3.67 and skin surface pH that is on average 4.7, i.e. below 5.

95% of hair is keratin, a fibrous, helix shaped protein with ~3.67PH.

Rinse with water after use, but understand the ph of hair is ~3.67, skin is around ~5 and water is ~7. After washing we like to apply our Aloe vera gel to hair as it brings the ph back down and lightly styles and soft after drying.

Active Material substance (ams) 11.76% At this level with these ingredients make it a very mild product and effective.

By using a little of each cleansing, lathering and balancing ingredients we have made an extra mild shampoo.

The right amount of oils in this shampoo make it suitable for most hair types, especially when following guidance above.

As with all products, keep out of eyes and do not take internally.

May Contains Nut Oil, as bottled near nut oils.

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