Kobashi 聖約翰草精油 St John Wort Essential Oil

St John's Wort steam distilled essential oil

LATIN NAME: Hypericum perforatum
SOURCE: Steam distilled from the flowers
COLOUR: clear
ORIGIN: Bulgaria.
AROMA: Lovely candy like sweet floral

QUALITIES: One of my favourite aromas. Unique floral aroma. Alluring soothing perfume when diluted in carrier or alcohol. I like to just sniff it out of the bottle.

This plant has been well researched for its healing, anti-inflammatory , anti-depressional activity anti-microbial. It is an excellent ingredient for creams and lotions for damaged or problem skin. An excellent addition to a massage oil to treat sore muscles, it can also be mixed with jojoba to treat scalp conditions and dandruff. The plant has ancient alleged magical properties, partly due to the fluorescent red pigment, hypericin, which stains like blood from the crushed flowers; not so when distilled.

A herbaceous perennial, from the Hypericaceae family, it grows up to fifty centimetres high. The stem is woody and the bright golden-yellow flowers appear in early summer. Hypericum may derive from the Greek 'hyper', meaning above, and 'eikon', meaning picture, as the flowers were placed above religious images to keep off evil spirits at the northern midsummer day, 24th June, (St. John's day). The flowers, which grow wild on certified organic land, are carefully picked and infused in organically grown sesame oil. The fatty acids in the sesame oil extract the volatile components in the flowers. The plant is a photo-sensitiser and should not be used on the skin before exposure to the sun. An extract is sold as a popular herbal remedy for depression.

The percentage of essential oil in the plant itself is very low at around 0.1% which is similar to Melissa, thus the high price.

GC Profile
2-methyloctane 28.95%
Nonane 2.68%
alpha-pinene 11.61%
beta-pinene 6.48%
Beta-caryophyllene 6.36%
germacrene D 8.83%
trans-beta-ocimene 5.02%

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