Kobashi 西洋蓍草精油 Yarrow Essential Oil


Dark Blue

LATIN NAME: Achillea millefolium AKA Milfoil
SOURCE: Steamed distilled from the flowering herb.
COLOUR: Dark blue
ORIGIN: England.
AROMA: fresh, sweet, spicy, herbaceous, reminiscent of the delicate rather cooling almost 'buttery' aroma of the flower.

QUALITIES: Like its close relatives the Chamomiles, yarrow is used extensively in cosmetic preparations and skin care. This English Yarrow oil blends particularly well with other oils in Aromatherapy, being less viscous and lighter than the high chamazulene Yarrow. Having antiseptic qualities it is excellent for caring for blemished or oily skin, as it is also an astringent. Try adding to Kobashi soap base for a 'Teenage' face wash.

I Scott Ballard developed tennis elbow from digging and moving stone and driving heavy equiptment over many months. I applied undiluted Dark Blue Yarrow to the pain in elbow. Pain was reduced and strength was increased. I'm not saying for you to put undiluted. I put many essential oils undiluted on my skin, but perhaps you should try Diana's blend that her sister and friends like.

"Hi, Scott,
You have tennis elbow, and then I think you might need our detailed formula. Which is Lavender vera 2: Ginger 2: Yarrow 1, 3% in Sunflower oil.
We hope this formula can help you as it help my sister and her friends.

Best regards,

The herb itself has a history dating back to Achilles (hence the latin name) who is reputed to have used it for wound healing, a reputation it has preserved through the centuries, it is locally known as 'soldiers wound wort'. When grown in England on our rich Fenland soils this plant produces a beautiful oil. This yarrow produces one and a half to two kilos per acre.

A member of the Asteraceae family, it is a perennial with a single stem growing up to one metre high, with fine feathery leaves and lace like clusters of pink white flowers. Native to Eurasia, but found in many parts of the world.

Blends well with Cedarwood, Chamomile, Pine, Vetiver and Valarian.

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