La Saponaria 環保竹纖維卸妝潔面布 Eco Bamboo Make-up Remover Wipe


Made in Italy
Dimensions : 10 x 15 cm 


  • 採用細緻的竹纖維製造,可以減少使用卸妝濕巾或化妝棉造成的浪費
  • 質地輕薄柔軟,敏感和嬌嫩的皮膚,例如兒童的皮膚也適用。
  • 可配合任何類型的卸妝、潔面產品使用
  • 在潔膚過程中可以促進血液循環,幫助暢通毛孔,提升清潔及去角質的效果。
  • 可用洗衣機中以 30-40° 的溫度機洗或手洗,(個人建議使用後立即沖洗並讓乾燥過夜)

環保竹纖維卸妝潔面布是 La Saponaria 與意大利 Oikos Social Cooperative 一個重要的社區合作項目,所有潔面布均於意大利 Oikos 的縫紉Workshop 製造,為Vigevano女子監獄的女性提供工作機會。 

Made in Italy
Dimensions : 10 x 15 cm 

The make-up remover wipe created to avoid waste, thanks to the delicacy of the bamboo fiber is also suitable for sensitive and delicate skin such as those of children.

They have been designed to replace disposable cotton pads and are used in the same way, the only difference is that they must not be thrown away after use, but just wash and reuse them!
They can be used with any type of make-up remover, for make-up difficult to remove, we recommend moistening them, gently dabbing the eyelids and then proceed as usual with the make-up remover.

They can be washed at 30-40 ° in the washing machine or by hand and if the make-up is not too stubborn you can also rinse them immediately after use and let them dry overnight! Nothing could be simpler!

They are part of an important solidarity project! Made in the tailoring workshop of the Oikos Social Cooperative, they represent a job opportunity for the women of the women’s prison in Vigevano

How to use

To be used like a common cotton pads,
wash and reuse it!

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