La Saponaria 有機奇蹟植萃亮白去漬潔牙粉 Organic WonderWhite Tooth Treatment


Size: 50g
Made in Italy
100% Vegan
Ethical trade
意大利 CCPB 有機認證


La Saponaria 有機奇蹟植萃亮白去漬潔牙粉 



  • 天然環保的潔齒產品,由粉狀植物成份製成,與濕潤的牙齒接觸後會變成啫喱牙膏狀。
  • 天然去漬微粒能溫和去除牙齒污漬而不傷害琺琅質和口腔,令重現自然亮澤牙齒。
  • 木糖醇為口腔提供強力保護,有助預防蛀牙而且不損害琺瑯質,令牙齒保持光亮潔白。
  • 天然有機薄荷更為口腔增添清新療癒香氣。




Active ingredients


Reduces the proliferation of bacteria and helps prevent tooth decay.

Mentha piperita

For a fresh 100% natural aroma.


Whitening powder-gel whitening and anti-stain action

This treatment contains a mix of pulverized actives and micro-granules that transform themselves in a soft gel when rubbed against the teeth. This gel gently removes stains and restores the natural whiteness of teeth. The micro-granules make your smile sparkle without damaging tooth enamel, the xylitol helps prevent caries while natural menthol and organic peppermint give a nice feeling of freshness.

IDEAL FOR: teeth brushing
 50 gr

How to use

Take a bit of powder with a teaspoon and put it on a wet toothbrush. Rub your teeth for 2 minutes with gentle circular movements. Rinse your mouth and use your favorite mouthwash. And then, do not forget to smile!!
Use it three times a week in place of your toothpaste.
Be careful: with humidity, it transforms into a gel! Close the container properly after use.


Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium carboxymethyl starch, Oryza sativa starch *, Xylitol, Sodium lauroyl glutamate, Menthol*, Mentha piperita oil*, Citrus limon peel oil*, Sodium chloride, Limonene, Citral (*from organic farming)

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