La Saponaria 意大利天然黃蜂蠟 Yellew Beeswax 100g


Size: 100g
Made in Italy
100% Vegan
Ethical trade

It has emollient and film-forming properties. Useful in the treatment of dry and irritable skin, characterized by an insufficient hydrolipidic coat: beeswax helps to replenish the lipids naturally present on the surface of the stratum corneum, helping the skin to regain its physiological barrier function.

Universal raw material to make ointments, cold cream, hair masks, cocoa butter and gloss, depilatory wax, candles.

Saponification index: 0.069 mg NaOH / g oil

Percentage of use in soap and creams: 5%

It is contained in a bioplastic jar , derived from sugar cane


Alba wax


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