Le Erbe di Janas 永久花浸泡油 Immortelle Infused Oil


Packaging: Special purple glass anti-UV radiation with dropper cap (20 ml)

Amber glass with screw cap (250 ml)

Certifications: Bio Socert(99.7% Organic) - Vegan Ok
Quality: Oleolito
Produced in Sardinia

Dermofunctional oil particularly suitable for delicate and reactive skin. Cosmetic adjuvant in case of psoriasis and eczema. Calms itching and reduces redness.


Helichrysum italicum grows throughout the Mediterranean basin and is widespread especially in coastal areas. It has silvery leaves and yellow flowers gathered in corymbs, it is harvested from May to September and is characterized by an unmistakable aroma that vaguely recalls that of liquorice.

The phytocomplex plays a decisive role today in phytotherapy and phytocosmetics, especially with regards to skin inflammation .

The inflorescences , the most active parts of the plant, contain: Essential oil, caffeic acid, flavonoids, tannins and bitter substances, waxes and other components whose role within the phytocomplex is still being studied.

One of the peculiarities of Helichrysum is that of being one of the best "natural antihistamines". The phytocomplex in fact shows a corticoid-like mechanism of action, therefore anti-erythematous, capable of accelerating the repair process and alleviating symptoms such as itching. and burning.

To prepare our oil we collect the species that grows spontaneously in Sardinia: Helichrysum italicum subsp. microphyllum, a particular Sardinian-Corsican endemism, whose unmistakable colors and aromas can be appreciated in almost all districts of the island.

It is handcrafted through a traditional herbal process:

The fresh flowers are harvested in the balsamic period and macerated in organic sunflower oil in the hours immediately following, using the sun as a natural extraction tool.

Main uses:

Traditionally used as an anti-inflammatory, anti-erythema cosmetic adjuvant on sunburn, dermatitis, psoriasis and allergic reactions in general. A use that has been abundantly confirmed by recent scientific studies.

Moisturizing, soothing, anti-aging and normalizing on dry and sensitive skin. Gives protection to face, body and hair. Protects from wind, cold, solar radiation and pollution.

Photoprotective, natural tanning and anti-erythematous: helichrysum oil can also be used as a natural tanning oil. It provides low protection and promotes tanning, while avoiding the formation of irritation or rashes (Obviously it does not protect from the sun's rays when exposed during peak hours!)

In case of stove burns or sunburn it can be used as an emergency remedy, also to soothe the pain.

It is also very useful in winter on hands and feet for classic chilblains, as it has the ability to reactivate the blood microcirculation.

Ingredients : Helianthus annuus seed oil * , Helichrysum italicum subsp. microphyllum flower extract ** , Tocopherol (Vit. E) °

* Ingredients from organic farming ** Ingredients from spontaneous harvest ° Ingredients of plant origin

EXTERNAL USE EAN : 8054329894491

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